Ma Humbugs

Traditional Old Fashioned Sweet Shop


Opening hours & contact

Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 4pm
Saturday: 11am - 5pm
Sunday / Monday / Tuesday: CLOSED.

Unit 7, Viables Craft Centre, RG22 4BJ.

P: 01256 351733




Here at Ma Humbugs we specialise in Old Fashioned Sweets as well as our own Homemade Fudge. We opened in June 2006 and, having moved premises in 2011, can now be found at Viables Craft Centre in Basingstoke. We pride ourselves on being a proper sweet shop, so if you have an old favourite from years ago then why not come in for a visit?

Our shop has become rather popular with both young and old alike over the past 7 years, and we hope that when you visit us you will enjoy it as much as our regular customers.

A sweet treat…

We have over 100 varieties of sweets, including Aniseed Balls, Chocolate Limes, Pear Drops, Sherbet Lemons, Strawberry Bon Bons and everything in between. We display all our sweets in the old fashioned jars and measure them out for you at the counter. We can also supply personalised party bags, gift boxes and jars of sweets to order.

We also have retro favourites such as Wham Bars, Sherbet Fountains, Fizz Wiz (space dust), Dip Dabs, Fruit Salads, Black Jacks and Love Hearts.